Industry Experts Answer Critical 5G Questions About Safety, Coverage, Testing, & IoT in Gap Wireless' 5G Report

A revolution in wireless communications is underway. The rollout of 5G wireless technology around the world is triggering excitement and trepidation. As this next-stage infrastructure begins to take shape, users will undoubtedly thrill at the new capabilities available from 5G: faster streaming, quicker uploads, and the ability to communicate across the globe at speeds of up to 100 Gigabits per second.

Although there are concerns and questions around the biological and environmental effects of 5G, it is believed that the addition of 5G will introduce a revolutionary improvement to a country's communication systems, especially in terms of connectivity, latency, and bandwidth.  

As the rollout of 5G accelerates, testing, validation and optimization of 5G infrastructure and devices is paramount, and 5G operators face two significant optimization challenges: bandwidth and propagation.

It is also predicted that the number of IoT devices worldwide will be somewhere in the region of 40 billion within three years. Each of those devices will need a network to connect and communicate, and hopes are high that 5G will meet the challenge and expand IoT capabilities.

To address all these concerns and more, Gap Wireless has put together a discussion panel featuring wireless and test and measurement industry experts. Our experts provide in-depth answers to critical 5G questions and concerns related to 5G health and safety, 5G testing, 5G coverage, 5G and IoT and 5G public safety applications.

Hear from 5G Experts from Keysight Technologies, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), Wavecontrol, JMA Wireless, ThinkRF, Health Canada, Bird, and more answer emerging questions such as:

  • Does 5G cause cancer?
  • How will new use cases for 5G, like autonomous driving and IoT, affect how we test mobile networks?
  • How do new 5G bands differ from traditional bands in terms of propagation?
  • How is Massive MIMO different than current 2x2 or 4x4 MIMO, and why will it aid in 5G coverage?
  • How can 5G improve 911 and first responders?

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Join us for the 5G Report Webinar | March 4th, 2 PM-3:15 PM EST

This webinar will further discuss new questions, solutions, and developments related to 5G health and safety, 5G testing, 5G coverage, 5G & IoT, and 5G public safety applications since the publication of the 5G Report.

This webinar is a live panel discussion with 5G experts from Keysight Technologies, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), Wavecontrol, Mohawk College, and Bird.

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