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The next generation of wireless technology, 5G communications, is on a path to transform and improve our lives while offering huge opportunities for business, industry, and consumers. This realignment from the digital age into a 5G data-driven one will produce a seismic shift in industry.

Today, the stakes have never been higher for forward-thinking businesses to align themselves with the right partner, early in 5G’s genesis. With unparalleled system-level expertise, deep domain knowledge, and market insight, Analog Devices is uniquely positioned to help businesses unlock 5G’s full potential. We are here to help customers navigate the complexity of the 5G transformation—to test, build, and harness its capabilities faster, with higher performance, and less risk.

Facing 5G’s Complexity and Demands

Before 5G, there were lots of options for technology, components, and partners. Many had accepted those options as “good enough.” But the old standards have changed, and performance requirements are now far more demanding. Good enough is no longer good enough. In a highly competitive environment where winners take all, premier customers know they need the best technology, partner, and path to succeed in a new reality marked by unprecedented levels of unknowns, challenges, and possibilities.

Do You Know Analog Devices?

ADI has not only contributed to the communications advancement for 2G, 3G, and 4G but enabled every major field test of 5G and helped create one of the world’s first 5G networks. Without the technology developed at ADI, the 5G communications industry structure that exists today would not be possible.

ADI has the best-in-class technology and highest performance in the industry, featuring full signal-chain capabilities, lowest power consumption, and smallest size. With 5G comes a vastly more complex communication ecosystem, necessitating a wide breadth of understanding. Our unrivaled deep domain knowledge spans markets, including autonomous driving, digital healthcare, industrial automation, mobile, power consumption, and RF.

Analog Devices. Where What If Becomes What Is. 

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