Opanga Networks Releases QUIC Support In Its Next-Generation Network Traffic Management

SEATTLE, USA July 27th, 2017: Opanga Networks Releases QUIC Support In Its Next-Generation Network Traffic Management

Opanga Networks, an industry leader in Software-Enabled Network Densification technologies, today announced commercial availability of its next generation N2000 software platform, which amongst numerous innovations includes network optimization of encrypted QUIC video flows. "Opanga's N2000 software platform has been deployed in networks around the world and has been shown to increase Ookla Speedtest performance between 30% and 50% in congested cells", said John Burnette, CTO of Opanga. "We are deploying software across entire networks in a matter of hours that results in step function performance improvements for our customers. Now with a simple software update during their maintenance hour, their networks are fully protected from QUIC flows whenever network congestion occurs.”

This latest release comes at a critical time in the wireless industry as competition between mobile operators has forced the re-emergence of unlimited data plans resulting in network degradation, reduced consumer data speeds and associated CAPEX concerns. Unlimited plans greatly increase video consumption and, already in many markets, up to 25% of video is delivered using UDP-based QUIC protocol, placing enormous strain on cell site capacity and driving down connection speed performance. N2000 allows mobile operators to monetize these new plans and services while mitigating the degrading effects of growing traffic.

“Our latest product release represents a portfolio of technology and innovations designed to substantially improve mobile Internet performance” said Burnette. “And at the forefront of our customers’ minds is how to deal with bandwidth-hogging QUIC video flows”.

"For operators, embracing innovative technologies delivered in an SDN environment that are agile and rapidly scaled is not just necessary but extremely critical" said Chetan Sharma, CEO of Chetan Sharma Consulting an industry wide recognized leader. "It's simply not possible to compete by building yourself out of this with additional towers - operators need all the tools they can get especially with 5G and IOT on the horizon. Using software that rapidly adapts to protect their network from new video protocols like QUIC is of vital strategic value.”

Opanga has developed traffic management technology and solutions that use granular cell site metrics to mitigate the shared channel contention that large video flows create, which without management would otherwise cause network performance to crumble. The N2000 software platform is available for immediate commercial deployment and is already managing 100’s of billions of IP sessions today in operator networks around the world.

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