Service providers, content providers, application developers meet at the edge

The edge infrastructure creates a new framework for service providers to work together with content providers and OTT players to join forces to establish a closer relationship to improve performance and QoE.

I talked with Yves Boudreau, VP of Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy at Ericsson about the work he has been doing on CDN and how that will expand to new applications leveraging the edge infrastructure with the Unified Delivery Network (UDN).

As content providers like HBO become OTT providers, “they need a way to scale. They're moving that traffic off the walled-garden networks and onto the internet. There is a growth opportunity for them, but there are also challenges for the service providers.

We try to bridge that gap and help service providers partake in that business model. It is a new business model where they are no longer the distributor or the sole distributor of that content, but where they can start to monetize the traffic going onto their networks.”

By Monica Paolini, Senza Fili Consulting, in collaboration with FierceWireless

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