Who do online gamers blame for latency & lag?

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Tuesday, November 20

11:00am PST / 2.00pm EST /8.00pm CET

Online Gaming?  It’s huge.  $137B in 2018 and growing.  Who knew that online gaming would have become such a phenomenon over the last 5 years?  Even more interesting is that our data shows that PC gamers are not only interested in improving their gaming experience but are willing to pay their internet service provider for a reliable, stable, low latency gaming experience.

Understand How Gamers Think and How to Take Them to the Next Level

Edge Gravity by Ericsson and our Edge Cloud partner Haste have commissioned a consumer market study and we’d like you to join us to learn how our Gaming Acceleration platform can help gamers around the world improve their gaming experience and how you as an ISP can help.

After all, gamers know: “You LAG, you LOSE” 

During this webcast you will learn:

  • How much time do gamers spend in terms of time and $$ on gaming?
  • What impacts gaming performance and who do gamers blame when performance suffers?
  • How much they are willing to pay for gaming stability and performance?
  • As an ISP, what can I do to help?  Is there an opportunity for you?  (you bet there is!)

Source: NewZoo

Baileigh Allen – CEO – Zig Zag Research 
Adam Toll – Founder – Haste 
Sanjib Guha – Senior Product Manager – Edge Gravity Cloud Platform

Yves Boudreau – VP of Ecosystem Strategy – Edge Gravity

Operated by Edge Gravity, an independent operating unit of Ericsson, the Unified Delivery Network or UDN is a live edge cloud platform of shared value built in collaboration with service providers. Initially launched as a CDN, UDN is fast moving into Edge Computing, enabling our ecosystem partners to deliver applications at web-scale from the edge to drive new consumer and enterprise business opportunities where performance and reach are key.

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