Wireless Intelligence enables automated networks

A conversation with Kevin Xu, Head of Marketing Operations, Huawei Wireless Solutions

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The networks of the future will be automated, but how will we get there? What is the path that will enable us to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics, and evolve to the automated networks that 5G requires? I talked with Kevin Xu, Head of Marketing Operations at Huawei, about the role of what Huawei calls Wireless Intelligence in setting the path and enabling network automation.

Automation is a key requirement for Wireless Intelligence to succeed. Kevin told us: “In the first stage, Wireless Intelligence creates real value through big data analysis and machine learning, to overcome some unique problems in network optimization in ways that have never been tried before.”

“Today, new elements of the network are deployed and used in new scenarios we find every day. With the resources we have today, how can we improve the network performance? Wireless Intelligence gives us a way to create a higher-efficiency outcome for the entire network, not just for any single one resource.” In the interview, Kevin told us about how Wireless Intelligence can help operators optimize TCP and massive MIMO.

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