4G, CDMA transmissions reportedly hacked; Clearwire names new CEO

> During last week's DEF CON 19 hacking conference, a full man-in-the-middle attack was reportedly successfully launched against all 4G and CDMA transmissions in and around the venue, the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Article

> Bonds of  Clearwire will run out of cash in 2012 and are approaching levels consistent with an impending default as partner Sprint Nextel strikes a deal with a competitor, said Standard & Poor's. Article

> AT&T Mobility's highly anticipated LTE launch is still expected to occur this summer, but the company won't debut its first LTE smartphone until closer to the end of the year. Article

> Verizon Wireless expects to gain benefits to its average revenue per user from the company's tiered smartphone data pricing in the years ahead as average mobile data usage increases, a top executive said. Article

> Clearwire elevated COO Erik Prusch to be its new permanent CEO, tasking Prusch with raising the money necessary to fund Clearwire's ongoing WiMAX network and launch its planned transition to LTE. Article

And Finally... A hobbyist in Sweden is gaining notoriety after being arrested for trying to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen, according to news reports. Article

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