5G, transformations and a fond farewell

Tammy Parker, FierceWirelessTech

Suggestions that 5G--the next generation of wireless networks--will include a basket of technologies or a network of networks highlight the looming risk of 5G fragmentation. I sometimes wonder if 5G might end up with the dreaded silos of vertical solutions that share little or no commonality.

With that in mind, I recently interviewed Hossein Moiin, Nokia (NYSE:NOK) Networks' CTO, who suggested that those developing 5G need to first address the main 5G uses cases and then create a "harmonized platform" to satisfy the requirements of those use cases. He believes this can be done if network designers take a user-centric, rather than a network-centric, view of what 5G should be.

Moiin also addressed a number of other 5G issues, such as whether a new air interface might be involved. He is leaning toward "yes," but with caveats. In addition, Moiin shared his thoughts on the roles of virtualization and network management in 5G. I don't want to give everything he said away in this column, so to read more from our discussion, check out this special On the Hot Seat feature.

I find it remarkable how quickly discussions about 5G have progressed since I began editing the newsletter that is now FierceWirelessTech less than three years ago. 5G at that time was barely a twinkle in the industry's eye. But, as I've written before, the wireless industry is all about rapid change.

That segue leads me to a personal announcement regarding an upcoming transformation in my professional life. This will be my final issue as editor of FierceWirelessTech, as I'm heading to Current Analysis, where I'll be a senior analyst.

It has been my sincere privilege to collaborate with the dedicated, professional journalists within the Telecom Group at FierceMarkets, first as an occasional contributor and later as FierceWirelessTech's editor. There are few things in life as good as getting to work with people you both like and respect.

I've also greatly appreciated the wealth of information and insights that industry players and FierceWirelessTech's readers have shared with me during my time here. I hope you've enjoyed reading FierceWirelessTech as much I've enjoyed writing it.--Tammy