802.11ac among expected CES 2012 highlights

If you are a Wi-Fi aficionado, you should have much to feast your eyes upon at CES 2012 next week in Las Vegas, as a new round of products supporting the 802.11ac standard should be among the highlights of the show. The 802.1ac standard is a big step up from 802.11n, capable of supporting 1.3 Gbps Wi-Fi connectivity, more than triple what 802.11n can support. The Wi-Fi Alliance has not yet provided final approval for the standard, and that is not expected to happen for at least a few months, but vendors such as Broadcom, Buffalo and Redpine are priming the market by announcing support for the new capability. Most 802.11ac products won't appear at retail until late in 2012, but they'll have capabilities such as MIMO and beam-forming, which will allow for greater in-home or in-office penetration and coverage. Check out this InformationWeek show preview