Accedian's SkyLight aims to optimize mobile backhaul

Accedian Networks announced SkyLight, which it claims delivers performance assurance on multivendor heterogeneous mobile backhaul networks by leveraging software-defined networking (SDN) and self-organizing/optimizing network (SON) technologies.


Source: Accedian Networks

Skylight employs software agents, miniaturized network devices, performance-aware network elements as well as cloud-based applications to help mobile operators optimize the real-time performance of their networks, said Accedian.

The offering's three primary components are performance assurance elements, performance assurance nodes and a performance assurance software platform. These elements work in conjunction with a cloud-based app, which provides SDN and SON controllers with what Accedian calls Network State+ information.

The network state, wherein information gathered from a network is provided to the SDN controller to allow it to repurpose the flow to optimize bandwidth utilization, was previously developed for use in data centers but is being extended for use in mobile networks.

"While user demand for data bandwidth is growing exponentially, spectrum is a finite resource and wireless backhaul remains a bottleneck. This creates an acute need for dynamic optimization, and performance assured SDN is the perfect technology for this situation," said Patrick Ostiguy, Accedian's president and CEO.

Montreal-based Accedian said it has partnerships in place with most major base station vendors, enabling SkyLight to be fully interoperable with more than 80 percent of base stations on the market.

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