Alcatel-Lucent: Wireless broadband changing way vendors sell

During last week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Adolfo Hernandez, president of Europe, Middle East & Africa region (EMEA) with Alcatel-Lucent, declared wireless broadband delivery is based on an unstable model and argued for the need for a "high leverage network," where applications traveling over the network are subjected to admission control, bandwidth allocation and QoS.

"The introduction of the original iPhone raised bandwidth consumption by a factor of 10 and the introduction of the 3G version raised bandwidth consumption by a further factor of three," said Hernandez. "As more bandwidth becomes available, there is yet more demand for yet more bandwidth. Users are no longer passive consumers, they are active creators of content, the market is moving to a flat rate model so who pays to build the network?"

Hernandez also noted the market is further complicated by the changing nature of operators. Players such as France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica are now leveraging the various business units they own to compete in the market.

"In this difficult period for the market we need to take market share," said Hernandez, "So we're creating global teams to handle accounts and help us to become more agile. We also need a partner ecosystem, one company can't do it all and we are encouraging others to do the same," he said.

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