ALSO NOTED: Battery life; WiMAX roaming; and much more...

> Wii has long promised online play, and the console will come through with that promise on June 25, when Pokemon Battle Revolution makes its debut. Report 

> If you were looking for a stainless steel PDA, the ASUS A626 is for you. The new smartphone is exceptionally slim at only 1.57 cm, and the whole PDA is less than 158g in weight. Review

> James Tagg, founder and CEO of Truphone, says that the issue of drastic reduction in battery life when using WiFi on a Windows Mobile 5.0 phone cannot be solved, but the latest iteration of the operating system, Windows Mobile 6, has made very good progress toward ameliorating it. Report

> Members of the WiMAX Spectrum Owners Alliance (WiSOA) signed the world's first WiMAX roaming agreement last week, in what may well be the first step toward GSM-like roaming amongst WiMAX networks. Report

And finally… Forget the cables--now you can turn your laptop into a central music server, and all you need is the right software. Report