ALSO NOTED: Birdstep is showing SmartConnect; Taiwanese company Accton has selected CSR's single-chip WiFi device for new wirel

> Birdstep is showing SmartConnect, aiming to simplify connection and mobility management to WiFi/WLAN-enabled smartphones. Release

> Taiwanese company Accton has selected CSR's single-chip WiFi device for new wireless VoIP phones based on UniVox design. Release

> SunCorp Technologies, too, has selected CSR's UniVox design for its first generation of WiFi handsets. Release

> Subscribers to London-based Truphone mobile VoIP service can now use dual mode, GSM/WiFi phones to make VoIP calls--either for free or for a really cheap rate--over WiFi connections. Report

> The WiFi Alliance says that during the last two years it has certified about 100 WiFi phones, the vast majority of which are dual-mode with cellular. Report

> When it comes to troublesome Linux peripherals, WiFi takes the cake. The Linux wireless developer community tackled this problem at its second Linux Wireless Summit last month in London. Report

> Now, here is a sentence you never thought you would read: "The recent vote of the IEEE 802.11n Task Group to move forward with a second draft was, well, anticlimactic." See this useful report on the state of 802.11n, and this discussion.

> Polycom is bolstering its drive into the VoWiFi market with its $220 million acquisition of SpectraLink. Report

And Finally... In case you've lost sleep over this, the bad news is in: Microsoft's Xbox 360 is incompatible with Apple's Airport Extreme 802.11n. Report

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