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> Looking for WiFi-related holiday gifts? See this list of suggestions.

> The Bluetooth SIG, already collaborating with UWB, says it is looking to combining technology, functionality and user interface with other technologies such as WiFi and near field communication (NFC). Report

> AirDefense, BlueSocket and Aruba are shipping updated and upgraded versions of old and popular products. Report

> Anadigics shows RoHS-compliant WLAN front-end solutions for mobile and MIMO markets (RoHS stands for the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Report

> Natcom will begin trials of its WiMax Airthernet service in Auckland in January 2006. Report

> Nortel will build WiMax network in rural Canada. Article

> Nortel is seeking local partners in Taiwan to manufacture WiMax-compatible CPE products. Article

> Intel's Craig Barrett says WiFi could help the elderly return to their homes, freeing up expensive hospital beds and reducing the costly time that medical professionals are involved. Report

> Indiana University's business school now allows MBA students to play with train sets and remote-controlled trucks in class as part of a course on supply chain management. The toys have RFID tags attached to them. Article

> Gartner says RFID will grow to a $3 billion business by 2010. Report

> The first Active RFID Summit was held in mid-November in San Antonio. See this informative summary of the summit's major themes.

And Finally... A new survey finds that WiFi helps save marriages: 46 percent of those surveyed said they agreed that the time gained from using WiFi allows them to dedicate more time to marriage or personal relationships, improving and strengthening both. Article

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