ALSO NOTED: First WiFi phone for $400; regional WiFi wins; and much more...

> Panasonic Communications is showing the KX-WP1050, a WiFi phone intended for use with the Sykpe Internet communications offering; the phone lists for $400. Report

> A poll shows that Bay Area residents prefer a regional WiFi network over a patchwork of local and municipal networks by a 2 to 1 margin. Report. See this useful summary of the state of muni-WiFi in various Bay Area localities.

> Paris has awarded Alcatel-Lucent and SFR a contract to roll out urban WiFi in the French capital; current plans call for offering the service free to residents and visitors. Report

> The front-runners to win WiMAX licenses in Malaysia appear to be YTL e-Solutions, Green Packet, and REDtone International. Report

> WestCAT seeks feedback from passengers who have tested its recently installed WiFi system on Transbay "Lynx" buses in Contra Costa. Report

> Azimuth Systems says Ralink Technology has selected the Azimuth Channel Emulator (ACE) 400NB to perform automated testing of its MIMObility draft 802.11n wireless chipsets. Report

> QuickerTek is showing some 802.11n upgrade cards for MacBooks and iMacs, with kits costing from $149 (self install) to $199 (Quicker does it for you). Report

> Canadian company SiGe Semiconductor is reporting full-year 2006 revenues of more than $48 million, up by more than 50 percent on 2005's $31.8 million; the company had more than 64 million components in 2006, raising its total to date to 146.5 million. Report

And finally… Now, it is not everyday that you come across a manufacturer understating the capabilities of its product, and yet, it appears that the Apple AirPort Extreme WiFi base station has at least fives times the throughput and twice the range of the previous 802.11g model, thus exceeding Apple's claims for performance. Review