ALSO NOTED: Gordon Lindsay on WiMax; Ten features to consider before buying an 802.11 device;and much more...

> See this interesting interview with Gordon Lindsay, European product manager for Broadcom's wireless devices division, on the market potential for WiMAX, WiFi, and UWB technologies.

> TechRepublic's Joshua Hoskins offers a useful list of ten features you should consider before buying your next 802.11-capable device. 

> Lansing, Michigan, gave us Magic Johnson, and they have WiFi at the city's cafes. Report

> By popular demand: Netgear has increased shipments of the Netgear WiFi Phone for Skype (SPH101) to Singapore. Report

> The home network of the future will consist of several technologies helping each other. Report

And finally... Talk about putting a damper on the holiday spirit: WLAN company AirMagnet conducted a study on how office network conditions are affected by holidays such as Christmas during which decorations are added to office environments. The study found that WLAN signal strength dipped by 25 percent after ornaments were "deployed" (this is AirMagnet's term for hanging ornaments around the office). See the company's press release