ALSO NOTED: Handheld Europe shows off new PDA; Free WiFi in Pomona?; and much more...

> Handheld Europe is showing its new TDS Recon-X series, an 802.11g-capable rugged PDA. Report

> Pomona, CA, is mulling the idea of a free downtown WiFi, and a few companies involved hold a WiFi demonstration to gauge the reaction. Report

> Microsoft dismisses as "speculation and rumor" news that the company was planning to launch a WiFi media player to rival the iPod. Report

> TeliaSonera selects Motorola for the first commercial unlicensed UMA service in Denmark. Report

And finally... The argument is made that offering free WiFi at, say, a coffee-shop, would benefit the coffee-shop's owners because it would bring customers to the shop. This is true, but Boston coffee-shop owners now find that these customers also bring their sandwiches with them: Not only do they not buy food or drinks at the shop, they also occupy the tables which could be used by customers who would. As is often the case, Glenn Fleishman noted this possibility a year ago in a short article on a Seattle establishment shutting off its WiFi on weekends. Report

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