ALSO NOTED: HP and Cisco partner for indoor wireless; Cell phones sniff out hotspots; and much more...

> HP and Cisco Systems are joining hands hands to become even bigger players in the enterprise unified communications marketplace by offering a range of new applications and services based on Cisco's Pervasive Indoor Wireless Technology. Report

> Cell phones now come with GPS and WiFi sniffers. Report

> The city of Norwich may not have a very good soccer team, but they do have an ambitious metro-WiFi project. Report

And finally... A music lover who cannot wait to download a favorite tune? Then consider the MusicGremlin: Unlike other MP3 players, the MusicGremlin downloads your music over the air via any standard WiFi connection. Since the number of available WiFi-enabled areas in public venues is very large--and this does not even include commercial hot spots you find in places such as Starbucks--the Gremlin has a clear advantage. Report

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