ALSO NOTED: Man charged with WiFi theft; ArrayComm joins WiMax Forum; and much more...

> St. Petersburg's, Florida, man charged with felony for WiFi theft. Story

> ArrayComm joins WiMax Forum. Story

> Sprint, Motorola team up to work on 802.16e. Story

> How to combat interference and achieve better link range in the 915 MHz ISM band. Discussion

> Nokia shows RFID kit. Story

> Broadcom is suing Qualcomm over unfair mobile phone practices. Story

> To allow mesh networks to scale, flat routing may have to be replaced with hierarchical structures. Analysis

> Charleston, South Carolina, is the latest to join the muni-WiFi wave. Story

And Finally... While debate rages over muni-WiFi in the US, the city council of Brighton, England, is moving ahead with WiMax deployment which points to how the muni-WiFi debate will likely end. Story

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