ALSO NOTED: Mesa, Arizona to roll out free WiFi downtown; BWI to install free WiFi at the airport; and much more...

> In anticipation of the 2007 opening of a community college, and responding to local business needs, Mesa, Arizona will roll out free WiFi in its downtown. Report

> Last Friday, Earthlink got the go-ahead from the New Orleans City Council to build a WiFi network around a free, city-owned system currently offering free services to residents, many of whom still without regular phone service. Report

> The City Commissioners of Winter Spring, Florida, have just approved the installation of WiFi network in downtown. "In the future, WiFi will be considered a basic utility like electricity or water," Commissioner Michael Blake said. Report

> BWI will install free WiFi at the airport this summer. Report

> Embarq Corp. is offering a 90-day trial of a new WiFi network in Hood River, Oregon (the city calls itself the "windsurfing capital of the world"). Report

> A Milwaukee computer security specialist, using gear he bought at a store for about $1,000, showed how he needed less than five minutes to access credit card information of hot spot users at a downtown Milwaukee restaurant. Report

And Finally... Engineers at Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) have a developed a WiFi-based "flying" mouse which fits one's palm. It is attached to the wrist with a strap and the user can moves his hand around to do  Powerpoint presentations or play a video game. Report