ALSO NOTED: Nintendo DS WiFi; WiFi finders; Irish Broadband deploys WiMax; and much more...

> Nintendo DS WiFi is launched. Article

> A bunch of new of WiFi finders. Review

> Intel will support the latest version of Cisco Compatible Extensions in its next-generation WiFi technologies. Report

> Kodak believes its new WiFi digital camera is going to be one of the year's hottest holiday electronics gifts. Release

> Irish Broadband deploys WiMax across Ireland. Article

> More than 150 pilot and commercial deployments of WiMax networks are currently in use around the world. Report

> Vodafone looking at broadband and WiMax. Article

> UWB companies begin to check products for interoperability. Article

> Ember shipping EmberZNet 2.0, a 2nd-gen ZigBee protocol stack. Report

> Sun Microsystems released an RFID package aimed at helping pharmaceutical companies track and authenticate drugs. Article

And Finally... IVT says that the world's first Bluetooth Class 1 Cordless Telephony Profile (CTP) enabled GSM phone is now in mass production. The new phone acts as a normal cellular phone when outdoors and as a cordless fixed line phone when indoors. Report