ALSO NOTED: Ruckus demos streaming over WiFi; Azaire Networks joins WiMax Forum; and much more...

> STMicroelectronics shows innovative technologies for convergence applications for Wireless Home Networks. Article

> Toshiba's latest silicon germanium (SIGe) BiCMOS power amplifier is designed for use in the 1.9 GHz to 2.5 GHz band applications, which includes WLAN and Bluetooth. Report

> Ruckus Wireless offers public demonstrations of streaming high-definition, digital TV and multicast IPTV over standard WiFi technology. Report

> Azaire Networks joins WiMax Forum. Release

> UWB maker Staccato Communications closed $18 million in third round venture capital financing. Report

And Finally... Who wears the pants in your home? Smarthome's INSTEON Alliance wants to: It has lined up more than 300 partner companies which plan to develop wireless home-control networking products using the INSTEON technology protocol. Article

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