ALSO NOTED: Time to upgrade your WiFi router?; virtual benchmarking of WLANs is the way to go; and much more...

> Is it the right time to upgrade your WiFi router? Analysts say wait.

> Farpoint's Craig Mathias loves benchmarking, ad he suggests that virtual benchmarking of WLANs is the way to go.

And finally... This is how USAToday puts it: "If Apple's iPod is the nicely tuned Porsche of portable media players and Microsoft's Zune is the Jetta, then a new WiFi-enabled unit from Archos is the Hummer, a brutish performer with all the tools to navigate the rugged terrain of technology needs on the go." The handheld Archos 604-WiFi, which retails at about $450, plays a variety of audio and video formats, and networks with the home PC. Review

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