ALSO NOTED: Top headlines from 2007

Top headlines from 2007

> Cisco buys Navini for $330M

> Verizon says it backs LTE, what's in store for UMB?

> It's official: Google to bid in 700 MHz auction

> Verizon Wireless embraces open access

> Aruba jumps on 802.11n bandwagon

> China continues to hedge on 3G

> AT&T makes $2.5B deal for 700 MHz spectrum

> FCC to continue white space testing

> Sprint launches femtocell service in two markets

> NextWave ships WiMAX chipset samples

> AirCell teams with American Airlines for in-flight WiFi

> Earthlink struggling with wireless initiatives

> Google pledges $4.6B if 700 MHz is open

> Amp'd Mobile to shut down service

> Muni-WiFi hit with delays and snags in several cities