ALSO NOTED: WiFi media player to give Ipod a run for its money; Trusted computer group offers podcast; and much more...

> Trusted Computer Group is offering a useful podcast on securing mobile devices on converged networks.

> iPod has another rival: It is the 604 portable media player with WiFi from Archos. Report

>  BT has selected Novell to manage the digital profiles and identities of customers of BT's 21st century network (21CN). The Novell directory and identity technology will be used to build the profile capability of 21CN and provide  common identity information required to integrate voice, data, broadband, mobility, on-demand video and ICT services. Report

> Small is beautiful: Broadcom is showing a family of WLAN products which integrate single-chip WiFi transceivers and radios and a software architecture which reduces the WiFi subsystem's total power consumption. The result: 54 Mbps full-rate active receive power consumption of less than 270mW. Report

> Lilliputian is even more beautiful: SDIO specialist Spectec has developed a WiFi card that sits in your device's microSD slot and is 802.11g compatible. This is one tiny WiFi card. Review

> A Living Picture (this is the name of the company) is showing the Vista-certified Momento WiFi photo frames with SideShow. Review

> In Canada some colleges refuse to allow WiFi on campus for fear of the technology's yet-to-be-determined effect on health. U.S. colleges are not as worried, and the annual survey of educational institutions found that 35.9 percent of campuses are totally wireless, up from 29 percent this time last year. Report

WiMAX Roundup

>  Aeroflex and AT4 Wireless (formerly known as CETECOM Spain) have released a Development Test Mode for 802.16e protocol conformance test solution on behalf of the WiMAX Forum. Report

> A new Cree GaN HEMT is optimized for North American WiMAX applications. If you must know: Model CGH27015 15-watt packaged gallium nitride high electron mobility transistor (GaN HEMT) produces 2.5 watts of average output power and 24 percent drain efficiency over frequency range of 2.3-2.9GHz. The device features 14.5dB of small signal gain, and 2 percent error vector magnitude (EVM) under OFDM modulation when operated at 28 volts. Review

>  Siemens will supply equipment to Russia's New Telecommunications for the company's WiMAX network in the city of Ryazan. Report

> When young and dashing Fernando Collor de Mello ran for the presidency of Brazil in 1990, he described the Brazilian economy as "socialism without planning, capitalism without markets." Brazil may have the largest Latin American economy, but endemic corruption, suffocating bureaucracy and haphazard business practices are now contributing to the fact that it may be lagging behind other countries on the continent in WiMAX implementation. Report

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