ALSO NOTED: WLAN and Bluetooth single chip solution; New i-mate may run Windows Mobile 5.0

> Marvell is showing what it claims to be the world's first WLAN equipped with Bluetooth single chip solution. Press release

> Unconfirmed reports say that a new i-mate model, the i-mate Jaq, does not appear to rely on HTC for its design. The phone purportedly runs the full-fledged Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition. Report

> All the while, details about Microsoft's Zune, the company's response to the iPod, continue to slowly leak out. Report

> Eye-Film SD card offers 1 GB storage and WiFi. Report

> As the U.S. government begins to issue e-Passports--RFID-capable passports that contain biometric information--AeroScout announces that it is enhancing its WiFi active RFID technology. Report

> A first: The first Skype WiFi phone arrives in London. Report

And finally... Ziova changed its name (remember Zensonic?) and is now offering a new wireless network media player sporting their fresh new moniker, the HDMI-equipped CS510. Report