Altice could be next up-and-comer to eye wireless

While cable companies in the U.S. have been increasing their Wi-Fi footprints, there's reason to believe a new player could be entering the mix in a big way. Amsterdam-based Altice, which is in the process of buying up Cablevision and has already acquired Suddenlink, could decide to set up its own quad-play offering in the U.S., and if that's the case, analysts say T-Mobile or Sprint could be its target.

"Certainly [Altice] could do other cable aggregation, but I would suspect it would include some other wireless component," ABI Research analyst Sam Rosen told FierceCable. "That's [Altice's] international playbook."

Of course, competing in the U.S. wireless market, even after acquiring a top four position, could be tough. For more on the ramifications of Altice's growing presence in the U.S., check out this FierceCable special report.