Altobridge's Data-at-the-Edge cuts carrier's mobile backhaul costs by 40%

Malaysian mobile operator Maxis slashed its mobile backhaul costs by more than 40 percent via its use of Altobridge's Data-at-the-Edge (DatE) architecture, according to the vendor.

Maxis is the first operator to commercially deploy Altobridge's DatE product, which the Irish vendor has pitched as a solution to handle the growing impact of audio and video transmissions on mobile networks with a reduction in data backhaul congestion of more than 50 percent. DatE "onloads" data at the base station and uses data optimization techniques such as predictive cache loading, data stream de-duplication, data compression and network interface protocol optimization.

"The Altobridge DatE deployment is showing real evidence that intelligent management and 'onloading' of content at the base station can have the levels of impact on cost reduction and improved QoE that mobile network operators require in order to handle the big data challenge," said Mike Fitzgerald, Altobridge chief executive, in a statement.

He added that this type of technology enables new business models, such as revenue sharing from prepositioned rich media content.

Altobridge offers DatE to mobile network operators as a standalone data-optimization solution or licenses the technology via wireless network vendors.

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