Amazon drops prices on Kindle 2; DragonWave wins backhaul deal with Globalive in Canada

> Amazon dropped prices on the Kindle 2 by $60, from $359 to $299, leading to speculation on how much the move could boost demand for the device before rivals get too established. Article

> ERF Wireless says it will ask the U.S. government for around $20 million in broadband stimulus money to build out three separate WiMAX projects in rural America. Article

> New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is seriously examining how it could deploy wireless Internet on some of its commuter trains. Article

> Backhaul provider DragonWave announced a deal with Globalive Wireless Management to provide next-gen wireless backhaul for the operator's high-speed data network in Canada. Release

> Canadian wireless carrier Rogers announced it will sell a Compaq netbook for $300 with a two-year service plan. The announcement comes just days after Sprint Nextel debuted almost the exact same machine for 99 cents with a two-year contract. Article

> While it has secured exclusive distribution rights to the iPhone, Palm Pre and other 3G smartphones, O2 has been marked by U.K. telecoms regulator, Ofcom, as being one of the poorest providers of 3G coverage. Article

And Finally... A Philadelphia man has agreed to take anger management classes for blaring a pornographic soundtrack to chase away kids playing outside his home. Article