Analysts more bullish on Comcast MVNO; AT&T eyes 5G tests in New Jersey lab

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> Analysts are more bullish on Comcast launching a wireless MVNO. Light Reading article

> AT&T looks to test 5G radio systems at New Jersey lab location. Wireless Week article

>  A top Verizon network executive recently played up the necessity of network virtualization as a key step toward deploying 5G. SDX Central article

> Verizon has pushed data rates over 1 Gbit/s in some of its 5G field trials and is looking at mobile hotspot and fixed wireless as some of the earliest applications for the new wireless technology. Light Reading article

> There's still a lot of work to be done in locking down the definitions and features of an ultimate 5G standard. RCR Wireless article

> Carriers are making progress on their goal of migrating to virtual networks run on computer servers, but they are also paving a path for accelerators to get the high performance and low latency they need. EE Times article

> Inside Gogo's airborne lab for testing in-flight Wi-Fi. Venture Beat article

> The Justice Department on Friday night dropped a court case trying to force Apple to help authorities open a locked iPhone, adding new uncertainty to the government's standoff with the technology company over encryption. Wall Street Journal article

> Google's parent company Alphabet announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2016, which show that losses from Other Bets businesses have increased to $802 million, as opposed to $633 million in the previous year. Tech Times article

And finally… Neil deGrasse Tyson says it's "very likely" the universe is a simulation. Extreme Tech article

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