Anite, Global Wireless Solutions roll out upgraded testing tools

Anite announced the new version of a network testing tool that now lets carriers test the capacity of LTE Advanced wireless networks, while Global Wireless Solutions unveiled an upgraded mobile benchmarking application for Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android OS devices.

Anite said Nemo Outdoor, a laptop-based drive test solution, now supports carrier aggregation and Category 6 devices. Operators worldwide are trialing or rolling out carrier aggregation and are launching LTE-A networks with the first phase of Cat 6 devices, using two carrier components with downlink bandwidths of 20 MHz.

"We have achieved application data throughput of 293 Mbps with a 40 MHz bandwidth using two-component carrier aggregation and the latest test terminals with Anite's Nemo Outdoor test solution in a laboratory environment," said Kai Ojala, CTO at Anite Network Testing. 

Global Wireless Solutions' said its upgraded Android app is a diagnostic tool designed to enable real-time performance of wireless networks according to end-to-end throughput performance, cellular or Wi-Fi operation, latency (round trip time, packet loss and jitter) as well as data speeds, successes, failures, drops and other key metrics. The app integrates with the vendor's Mobistat reporting platform. An Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS version of the app is slated for release later this year.

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