Anyfi opens Wi-Fi access points to all

Sweden's Anyfi Networks is touting infrastructure-side software that the company contends "makes every Wi-Fi network available from every access point" and can play a role whenever a user is not authorized to access a particular Wi-Fi network. "Instead of just refusing service our patent pending software dynamically allocates a virtual access point and connects it to a remote end-point through a Wi-Fi over IP tunnel," said the company. In an interview with GigaOM, Anyfi co-founder and CEO Björn Smedman said the software automatically spawns "virtual hotspots" that a device treats just as it would a user's home network.

The company's pitch to fixed-line broadband operators is that they can use Anyfi's software to extend the home Wi-Fi user experience outside the home. Operators with both wired and wireless assets can leverage their existing base of residential gateways to link their mobile and home broadband services, offloading mobile data onto the fixed-line network with authentication directly against the SIM card and end-to-end encryption all the way from the device to the operator's core network. "Since devices always authenticate against the home gateway the connection is automatic and completely secure," said the company. Read this GigaOM article for more on Anyfi's approach.

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