Apple acquires GPS map company Coherent; FBI issues statement on stingrays

Wireless tech news from across the web:

> Apple has acquired Coherent Navigation, a company focused on hyper-accurate GPS, to improve Apple Maps. Article

> TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) announced that as of the beginning of May, the percentage of delivered texts to 911 has increased by 70 percent compared with 2014 rates. Article

> Mobile networks in Europe plan to start blocking online ads to target Google's stranglehold on digital ad revenue, according to reports. Article

> Google's self-driving bubble cars begin tests on California roads this summer. Article

> The FBI has released a statement regarding the use of stingrays, which apparently claims the opposite of what its nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with local law enforcement actually says, Ars Technica reports. Article

> Microsoft says it's taking over updates for Windows 10 Mobile devices, and it means business this time. Article

> Even though Amazon never touted the Echo as a smarthome hub, it's stealthily gaining features to make it just that. Article

> Panelists at the Internet of Things World talked about how low-power wide area networks could be used as low-cost alternatives to cellular. Article

And finally… Smartphone microscope detects blood-borne parasites. Article

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