Aruba counter sues Motorola over WLAN patents

Aruba Networks has counter sued Motorola over WLAN patents, bringing some interesting drama to the WLAN space. In August, Motorola's subsidiaries Symbol Technologies and Wireless Valley Communications filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court of Delaware against Aruba for alleged patent infringement. The suit concerns Aruba's alleged infringement of patents related to WLAN technologies. The four disputed patents relate to WLAN switching architecture technology and WLAN site planning and RF management.

For its part, Aruba claims Symbol knew enough about Aruba's products in 2003 to indicate they might infringe on Symbol's pending patents. Aruba also says both Symbol and Wireless Valley withheld information from patent examiners, making the patents invalid. In its counter suit, Aruba is seeking declaratory judgments that it has not infringed and that the patents are invalid and not enforceable. Aruba is asking that Symbol and Wireless Valley pay the costs of the suit and its attorney fees.

Interestingly, Symbol was close to acquiring Aruba in 2003, Aruba claims. During the first half of the year, Symbol had "essentially unfettered access" to information about how Aruba's products were made as the two discussed a deal, Aruba said in a filing. The inventor of two of the patents involved in the suit was one of the engineers inspecting Aruba's technology, Aruba said. A deal was never made because the two companies couldn't agree on terms.

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