Aruba Networks extends enterprise networks to mobile users

Aruba Networks announced two new software products designed to associate security and access policies with individual users instead of ports, allowing security to follow users instead of requiring them to connect to the network through specific ports. The new Mobile Access Point software enables enterprise connectivity and follow-me security by allowing role-based user access controls, stateful firewall and split-tunneling in any Aruba access point where the software is loaded. The software includes a feature called HotelConnect, that allows users on the road to access hotel Internet connections using dual-mode phones, PDAs and other devices that would otherwise be blocked by the hotel's billing system.

"The enterprise has turned into one characterized by user-centric mobility," Michael Tennefoss, head of strategic marketing with Aruba, told FierceWiFi. "The problem with this movement is that it has created tension between the chief security officer and the CEO of the company. The CSO wants tight security, while the CEO wants a flexible work force. A compromise had to be made in the past. Now they can light up both so one doesn't compromise the other."

Aruba also introduced the Mobile Voice Continuity software that seamlessly and automatically manages the hand-off of data and voice-over-WiFi phone calls between its wireless LAN and a mobile-phone network without changes to the IP PBX or carrier cooperation.

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