AT&T moves deeper into smart-grid market with applications partnership

AT&T (NYSE:T) is moving deeper into the smart-grid market through a new partnership with Digi that will see the two companies jointly offer Digi X-Grid Solutions, a suite of products and services designed to bring connectivity to energy devices in homes and businesses.

The companies said that utilities and software providers can leverage Digi X-Grid to develop solutions for the smart-grid market. The partnership moves AT&T beyond being a dumb pipe for smart-grid transmissions and helps it monetize actual solutions. Today, AT&T enables two-way communications for more than 13 million electric meters on its mobile network.

Some of the applications the partnership can offer include remote-controlled thermostats, load control and power consumption monitoring on individual appliances. Consumers can download Digi's Energy DayTrader mobile application for free, and when used in conjunction with a Digi Gateway, they can monitor energy usage and control their smart-energy thermostats remotely.

Digi X-Grid Solutions' load control features allows energy providers to monitor major spikes in consumption, remotely turn off discretionary devices and offer credits to customers' bills. Via "smart plugs," customers can monitor and control the energy usage of individual appliances.  The Digi Energy Daytrader application tracks all connected energy-consuming devices, from lamps to refrigerators to air conditioning units, and provides automatic alerts when overall consumption levels are higher than normal.

"Digi X-Grid Solutions, powered by AT&T's wireless network, move beyond the smart meter to provide innovative applications and devices for real-time insight into power consumption," said Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions, in a press release. "These services can help both utilities and their customers use energy more efficiently."

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