AT&T's 3G Microcell debuts in San Fran; Vonage releases app for Android platform

> San Francisco is one of the first cities where AT&T's femtocell, the 3G Microcell, went on sale over the weekend. Article

> Canadian cable company Shaw Communications said its new wireless division will launch by the end of next year. Article

> Vonage announced the availability of Vonage Mobile for the Android smartphone platform. Article

> Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg set off an imbroglio with the FCC by saying that the spectrum crunch facing the wireless industry may not be as serious as many have been making it out to be. Article

> The onward march of LTE would appear to be continuing following details released by the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) that over 20 operators will launch commercial LTE services this year, with over 60 operators across 31 countries committed to LTE--double the number compared to the same time a year ago. Article

And Finally... A Michigan man helped himself to a burrito and a bag of Funyuns snacks at a gas station food store and then told the clerk to call police because he had no money to pay. Article