AT&T spends on 3G enhancements; Thailand's quest for 3G hits another wall

> AT&T said it spent $8.2 billion in capital expenditures in the first half with a healthy chunk of that used to expand its 3G network. The operator said it added 925 new cell sites to its 2G and 3G footprint to offer more coverage and upgraded 600 cell sites in non-3G markets to support high speed services. AT&T also began sectorizing its 3G cell sites, adding another 6500 radio carriers to add capacity for voice and data services. Article

> Thailand's hopes for third generation mobile phone services face another potential legal obstacle after CAT Telecom's labor union said it will pressure the company to file a lawsuit with the Administrative Court to stop the auction of 3G licenses on Sept. 20. Article

> The UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has succumbed to pressure from the mobile operator community and agreed that the in-band power of 3G base stations can be doubled. Article

> And finally... Librarians at Winona Public Library in Minnesota were thrilled this week when someone returned a book that had been checked out some 35 years ago. Article