AT&T to offer mobile hotspot capability on iPhone

AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) confirmed that it will offer mobile hotspot capability with Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone and charge $20 per month for 2 GB of data. The revelation follows news that Verizon Wireless' (NYSE:VZ) iPhone 4 will come with mobile hotspot service.

AT&T, however, did not spell out a time frame for the new feature. Verizon is charging an extra $20 per month for mobile hotspot service, which includes 2 GB of data.

Apple is calling the feature Personal Hotspot, which is expected to appear in the next version of iOS. Speculation is that AT&T will use the personal hotspot capability in the iOS rather than offering its own app.

AT&T, however announced that it was preparing an app to enable Android smartphone users to tether multiple devices via a short-range WiFi connection. It will launch the Mobile Hotspot capability on Feb. 13 when it releases the HTC Inspire 4G.

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