Boingo: iPad makes strong showing on WiFi networks

WiFi providers Boingo Wireless reported that the iPad, after four days in the market, became the second most popular non-laptop device to connect to certain WiFi networks, which includes 58 airports, the Washington State Ferries and several sporting arenas and convention centers.

The iPad now displaces Android devices and more than doubles the daily number of visits for the previous second-place device, the company said. Boingo is providing WiFi access to iPad users on an hourly or monthly basis.

"It's stunning how quickly the iPad has established itself as a force in WiFi," said Dave Hagan, president and CEO of Boingo Wireless. "After four days in market, it is already being more widely used than other WiFi enabled mobile devices that have moved millions of units."

The iPhone is still tops other devices in WiFi connectivity, representing nearly 90 percent of all non-laptop connections in Boing's airports, the company said. However, the iPad registered 5.4 percent of all device connections, while the Android registered 2.5 percent. Blackberry phones and iPod Touch MP3 players accounted for less than 2 percent each of total visits. Windows Mobile was less than 1 percent.

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