Boingo launches global Internet service

Boingo Wireless has chalked up for itself several "firsts" since its inception, and here is another one: The WiFi hotspot aggregator said it would soon launch its Boingo Mobile service--a service that, as far as we can tell, will be the first global WiFi Internet service. Note that the company has designed the Boingo Mobile program for WiFi phones and devices rather than for dedicated computers and computing devices.

Another good thing about the service is that the price is reasonable: A flat rate of $7.95 per month. Boingo may not be the first on this one, but the price shows that the company makes a distinction between different uses of WiFi--laptop and computing device owners will pay the higher rate to connect to the Internet, while handsets users will pay the more modest voice rate.

For more details and for sign-up form:
- check out Boingo's website