Boingo to launch first global flat-rate plan for WiFi

WiFi aggregator Boingo Wireless, which claims to have more than 100,000 hotspots, is introducing today what it calls the first worldwide flat-rate plan for WiFi hotspots. For $39 per month, subscribers can use any of the company's hotspots for an unlimited time. No software is needed, although Boingo recommends that clients download GoBoingo, a program that alerts users when they are in range of a Boingo hotspot.

Boingo said its targeting the international traveler who passes through many major cities. "There are some existing customers who travel who we think will be interested, and we'll market to them, but we think this serves a new segment," David Hagan, chief executive of Boingo said.

It looks like Boingo is putting a new stake in the ground to lower prices around the globe, especially in Europe, where WiFi pricing is still quite high.

For more about Boingo's new pricing:
- read this article from the International Herald Tribune

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