Broadcom: 802.11ac products coming to market in 2012

Wireless chipset maker Broadcom announced that gigabit-speed wireless LAN products based on the new IEEE 802.11ac standard will begin shipping next year.

The standard, which is a significant jump from 802.11n, will incorporate beam-forming, wide bands and multiple antennas to deliver data speeds up to 1.3 Gbps, compared with peak rates of 300 Mbps with the current 802.11n standard. The new 802.11ac standard will also feature longer ranges and better penetration through walls.

During a media event in San Francisco last week, Broadcom revealed its plans for 802.11ac, showcasing new technologies for home networking and in-car Ethernet.  Rahul Patel, vice president of Broadcom's mobile and wireless group, said 802.11ac could become a better alternative to wireless HDMI for video services. Wireless HDMI is faster but more expensive.

The company expects 802.11ac products to start shipping in the second half of 2012, and Patel believes the Wi-Fi Alliance may have a certification program in place by the end of next year.

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