BT launches world's first fixed/mobile phone

BT this week became the world's first operator to offer its customers combined fixed and mobile phone service. The Fusion device works as a mobile phone when the customer is walking or driving, but switches automatically to a BT Broadband line when the customer is indoors. In addition to the ease and convenience, customers also save a lot of money: Fusion allows calls to UK landline numbers to be charged at BT landline rates, which are 5.5p for up to an hour for calls during off-peak periods and 3p per minute during peak times. This means that a BT Fusion 10-minute, off-peak mobile call from home would cost up to 95 percent less than a similar call at the typical rates offered by mobile competitors.

The service is enabled by the BT Hub, an AP the customer installs at home which uses Bluetooth to switch the BT Fusion handset seamlessly to the broadband line, even in the middle of a call. The BT hub also works as a WiFi router.

For more on BT Fusion:
- see this Unstrung report
- and visit BT Fusion

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