Cambium quickly jumps on 5150-5250 MHz bandwagon

Cambium Networks announced products designed to operate in the 5150-5250 MHz frequencies that the FCC recently opened for fixed outdoor wireless use.

Cambium said its existing PTP 650 platform, for point-to-point wireless broadband backhaul, can immediately access the additional 100 MHz spectrum via the download of a new software release.

"This new spectrum was not previously in use, and is not subject to dynamic frequency selection or radar detection. With higher power limits, the PTP 650 offers longer range and higher capacity to reach more customers with new applications," said Scott Imhoff, Cambium vice president of product management.

In addition, Cambium introduced its ePMP Force 100, a high-gain integrated subscriber solution that is intended to improve performance range in high-interference deployments. It includes Cambium's latest ePMP software release, which expands the operating range of 5 GHz ePMP radios to include 5150 MHz. The release also enhances the eCommand suite of network management tools and eFortify, which allows the platform to recognize and react to external interference.

The ePMP Force 100 can be deployed as a subscriber module that can connect to any ePMP access point, as well as peer nodes in point-to-point deployment configurations, Cambium said. The ePMP Force 100 is the latest addition to the vendor's ePMP platform, launched in October 2013.

Cambium's products are used by service providers; enterprises; governmental and military agencies; oil, gas and utility companies; Internet service providers; and public-safety networks.

The FCC voted 5-0 in March to broaden use of 100 MHz of the 5 GHz U-NII-1 band (5150-5250 MHz), whose unlicensed use was previously restricted to lower wattage and indoor operations. The order eliminated a rule that had prohibited outdoor operations in the band and also increased allowable power levels in the band.

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