Cellular South plans to deploy LTE network on schedule; Best Buy offering free iPhone 3GS smartphones

> An information-technology administrator has pleaded guilty to crippling his former employer's network after FBI agents traced the attack to the Wi-Fi network at a McDonald's restaurant in Georgia. The administrator was caught after he used his credit card to make a $5 purchase at the restaurant about five minutes before the hacks occurred. Article

> Cellular South said its plan to deploy an LTE network late this year is on schedule, and the company detailed a $90 million network expansion that it is using to lay the foundation for its LTE deployment. Article

> Best Buy is offering Apple's 8GB iPhone 3GS for free today to customers who sign or upgrade with a new two-year contract with AT&T Mobility. Article

> Australia-based broadband device maker NetComm has selected Ericsson to provide the fixed-wireless devices needed to connect rural and regional Australian households and businesses to the 2.3 GHz fixed-wireless LTE broadband network. Article

> Telecom New Zealand will wait until the government auctions off 700 MHz spectrum before launching any LTE mobile broadband services. Article

And Finally... A reindeer herder in Russia's Arctic has stumbled on the pre-historic remains of a baby woolly mammoth poking out of the permafrost.  Article