Chinese Wi-Fi app attracts investors; IBM rolls out OpenStack across SoftLayer

Wireless tech news from across the web:

> Smart glasses begin to take hold in the enterprise. Article

> Four years after its Jeopardy win, IBM's Watson program has seen applications in 75 industries including finance, healthcare and molecular biology. Article

> Canada and partners exploited weaknesses in one of the world's most popular mobile browsers and planned to hack into smartphones via links to Google and Samsung app stores, a top secret document obtained by CBC News shows. Article

> A Chinese app for stealing Wi-Fi now has 270 million monthly active users and is valued at $1 billion. Article

> Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has invested in Indian startup Lookup. Article

> IBM has rolled out OpenStack across its public cloud service SoftLayer, a move the company hopes will bolster its bid to chip away at Amazon's massive lead in cloud infrastructure market share. Article

> Beyond the hype around the smart cities project launched by the Indian government, IT companies are worried about financing. Article

And finally… A Chinese technology executive who sits on the board of search giant Baidu has built an office block in the shape of Star Trek's USS Enterprise. Article