Clearwire getting more aggressive in Portland

Clearwire is getting more aggressive in its Portland, Ore., market, adding new pricing plans that include an unlimited home plan and a mobile package for $55 a month.

Clearwire chief strategy officer Scott Richardson recently revealed during the company's first-quarter conference call that Clearwire's network in Portland is experiencing better-than-anticipated performance. He also said there will likely be more service and equipment pricing promotions as more cities are launched this year.

Similar to what Sprint Xohm launched in Baltimore last year, Clearwire is offering the Pick 2 program that allows customers to choose either a mobile and home connection or two mobile connections for $55 per month. Such plans are conducive for use of Clearwire's Clear Spot WiFi/WiMAX router, which allows eight different WiFi connections to use the WiMAX connection. Richardson noted that 3G operators will have a difficult time matching Clearwire's unlimited options.

However, WiMAX equipment pricing isn't declining very dramatically. Clearwire USB modems have increased from $49 in January to $70 today. WiMAX-enabled laptops are still selling at a premium price--about $60 to $80 higher. Richardson said once Clearwire rolls out in more markets that hardware prices should begin to fall.

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