Clearwire officially launches PC card, $60 too high?

Clearwire announced the official launch of its first PC card. We reported in September that the operator quietly made available PC cards in its retail stores and online in almost all of its markets. Clearwire says the card is now available through all of its distribution channels in its markets across the U.S. The launch effectively increases Clearwire's target market. The PC card can be used in most laptops versus a modem's size and power requirement that limit mobility.

Service plans for the Clearwire PC card start at $60 a month with a PC card lease fee of $7 a month. Walter Piecyk at Pali Research noted his surprise that Clearwire has continued with the $60 per-month fee for use of its PC card since store checks indicate the price might be too high to create broadband demand, especially when Sprint and Leap Wireless are offering service for $50 and $40 per month, respectively.

For more about Clearwire's PC card:
- read this release
- take a look at the Pali Research blog (reg. req.)