Clearwire reiterates that it's not wedded to WiMAX; Ubiquisys joins WiFi community

> Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow said he would be willing to switch the operator's focus from WiMAX to rival 4G technology LTE if it was in the best interest of the company. While this is not the first time Clearwire has left the door open for LTE, it's clear the company is hedging its bets on the future of 4G. Article

> Clearwire launched the developer WiMAX network it promised back in April to Silicon Valley. The network, which is a precursor to commercial service planned for the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010, will cover more than 20 square miles in Santa Clara, Mountain View and parts of downtown Palo Alto, Calif. Release

> The level of political lobbying surrounding the granting of the fourth and final 3G licence has been revealed following reports that the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, has expressed his reservations. Article

> In a radical departure from the conventional cellular business model, the femtocell vendor, Ubiquisys, has joined with the WiFi community, FON, to offer like-minded users spare 3G capacity within a secure and shared environment. Article

And finally... A cat named Clyde was reunited with his owner after a mysterious three-year odyssey in which the long-haired Himalayan strayed 2,400 miles into the Australian Outback. Article